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What We Offer

The Alpha-Energy system can either reduce your energy bill or become the main source of electricity for your home. The Alpha-Energy system is a grid tied photovoltaic system, the Alpha-Energy plus includes battery backup and can provide you with electricity during load shedding. The Alpha-Energy grid-tied solar power is designed to meet most residential requirements.

Alpha-Energy offers a turnkey solution for businesses that are looking to save money on their current energy bills and guarantee their cost per Kilowatt hour for the next 25 years.


Alpha-Energy Power Solutions has been involved in the design and construction of solar fields and ground mounted solar farm projects.


Save money and the environment

  • With a Raydian Solar System you can produce 40 to 95% of your electricity and save R0.50 to 1.50 per kWh (unit), reducing your dependency on conventional electricity supplies.

Installed by Quality Technicians

  • All Raydian Solar Systems are installed by qualified technicians. These installers were trained in the maxx I solar academy and are accredited by the German Solar Energy Society.

There is a Raydian Solar system for every need and budget, whether you are just looking to keep the lights, TV and fridge on during a power failure or if you want to be almost totally energy-independent.

Finance Your Solar System

You pay R0 up-front. We arrange the installation of a custom-designed solar system for your business. Our finance model shows savings from month one.

In order for companies to enjoy cost saving from day one, Raydian has partnered with various finance houses to provide unique, no-money-down leasing/rental options for our solar systems.

Renting your solar solution also has many benefits such as:

  • No capital outlay
  • Managing the predictability of your operating expenses
  • Freeing up cash flow
  • Reducing your overhead expenses

Solar Systems With Real Benefits

  • Be more independent with 40 – 80% bill reduction (depending on your specific energy consumption)
  • Go + and Be Fully Independent
  • 70 – 95% bill reduction and of-grid living
  • Be powered during load shedding
  • Be secure without the grid
  • No Impact on security systems (lights, alarms and fences)
  • Be your own power supplier
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