Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly energy spend or go completely off-grid – our energy audit services will be able to guide you in making the correct decision.

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Understand the cost implications of the various appliances and sectors which consume energy, as well as:

  • Get a clear understanding of cost/energy reduction strategy
  • Ensure the correct billing tariffs are selected (ESKOM has13 tariffs available)
  • Maximize the impact of efficiency/alternative energy products
  • Ensure efficiency/alternative energy products to coincide with tariff selection
  • Understand the latest hi-tech energy efficiency products and applications
  • Make an informed decision on efficiency/alternative energy products based on cost and benefit
  • Ensure correct efficiency/alternative energy product selection

Anyone with an electricity bill exceeding R100 000.00

  • Correct tariff selection makes a significant difference in annual energy spend
  • Correct efficiency/alternative energy products selection is very important
  • Identifying cost allocation is crucial in successfully lowering energy spend

Anyone who would like to reduce energy spend

  • Correct efficiency/alternative energy products would be selected to maximize cost benefit
  • The latest hi-tech efficiency products and applications are often not commonly known

Anyone who would like to go “off-grid”

  • As the cost of going off-grid generally has a payback of more than 2years, no royalty payments would be due. (see below?)
  • Correct off-grid design would be ensured for specific client criteria