About the project

  • Date: Jan 2019
  • Client: Private Commune
  • Category:
  • Address: Parktown
With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever for photographers to create images that are not only breathtaking but also ignite our sense of wonder. Often, this is through photo manipulation in programs like Photoshop. But photographer Mathias Fast has recently introduced a fantastic photography hack that will give your images a fantastical, ethereal feel without you having to know your way around a computer. (Although it helps.) He simply uses his phone screen to add a reflective element to an image that makes an otherwise grounded composition feel like it’s floating.


The Communal Residence of 8 Rooms required backup for load shedding for the tenants.


A 3 Kva Solar solution was installed for the client with 1 x 3.55 Kwh Sirius Block.
Solar Power only to Lights security and wifi to all Rooms.

The client liked the fact that the Sirius is a recyclable storage medium and will deliver a 40 Year life expectancy.


Client has numerous power outages and her tenants have been able to go about their daily routines without any mayor effect to their lifestyle.
Charging efficiency of the Supercaps came to the fore and allows the client to ensure power for their Clients 24/7 365 Days a year.

FACT: Sirius module bank can be expanded due to the no degradation of the graphene cells.