About the project

  • Date: 2020
  • Client: Klingenberg Farm House
  • Category:
  • Address: South Africa

Project Requirements

Jakkals Klingenburg was referred to our Client Regenergy by another Sirius client after looking into a solution for grid backup and Saving on Electricity cost. The Client also required a Scalable solution when grid becomes more unstable in the future


Products Installed:

Victron 10 Kva Inverter
Victron 250/70 Charge Controller
Fronius 5 Kw Grid tie Inverter ( Ac Coupled)
2 x 3.55 Kwh Sirius Supercapacitors
200 Litre Solar-Ray Solar water heater


Jakkals is now able to produce his own Power and is 50% grid independent and sure on power if grid falls away.
The Sirius supercapacitors enables Jakkals to grow his storage bank in the future towards grid independence. Sirius Supercaps has no degradation of capacity and efficiency over cycle life