About the project

  • Date: 2020
  • Client: Bushwillow Game Farm
  • Category:
  • Address: South Africa

Project Requirements

The owners wanted to move away from Eskom as power interruptions interfere with their operations. Equipment failure (motors burning) is regular from load shedding.


Alpha Energy conducted an energy audit by measuring consumption of all phases as a feasibility study. The client was presented with Off grid and Multi Hybrid
solution that is scalable to off grid.
Clients System Size: Solar Panels 20 Kw
Inverter Size: 45 Kva
Supercap Storage Bank: 28 Kwh


The system is fully integrated with a generator and utilizes 2 AC outputs on the Victron 3 phase system, so that when the storage bank reaches 50% the second
output switches loads off. Storage bank deals with load shedding and it can be scaled to a larger bank in the future if required.