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About Us

Enjoy your FREE energy from the sun.

Being involved in the solar water and electricity market since 2009 we have the experience and supply network to help our clients with high quality alternative energy solutions.

Our philosophy is to measure, design and build sustainable solutions. Everything starts with our energy audits to understand energy consumption and have accurate data to implement efficiencies, all equipment has a lifespan or design life and to accurately forecast lifespan, it is required to have and idea of what energy consumption currently is.

We are the connection between the client and the wholesaler to make the client get the value they invested in and to reassure the wholesaler that products are installed and used within warrantee and design requirements.

Alpha energy makes use of reputable suppliers with track record in the industry and local support structures in place.

Solar business is lucrative but the well being and warranty of consumers are not always adhered to hence why it is important to have guidance in this area.

We cater for the big and small .

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