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Zingela Nature Reserve

The Baobab Tented Camp was Powered by a Solar Power System using Lead acid batteries .The System

Struggled to supply stable power to the 4 tented chalets and communal Lapa as It was powered by only 3 Kwp of Solar Panels. The 400 Ah 48 V  bank could not charge efficiently and batteries has been replaced twice in the plants 6 year life span.

The Solar System as a whole was given a revamp by fixing the Solar Mounting system and rewiring the  solar panels. The main ingredient though was replacing the 8 x 200 Ah Batteries with 3 x 3.55 Kwh Sirius

Supercapacitor Modules.

After 1 Year of operation the client informed us that it was the first year of the plant that they did not need to start the backup generator.

Charging efficiency of the Supercaps came to the fore and allows the client to ensure power for their Clients 24/7 365 Days a year.

The high temperature that Sirius Modules can be subject to will also ensure many years of smooth operation for this top class venue.

Zingela Nature Reserve is a hidden Diamond in the heart of the Bushveld, situated in Tolwe, Limpopo, 200km from Mokopane and Polokwane, a mere 4.5hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Zingela is the ideal location for anyone interested in the parks Wildlife and birds, to those in search of splendid bushveld serenity and the ultimate relaxation on a 25000ha reserve.

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