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Sondela Nature Reserve is situated in Limpopo and is a popular inland holiday resort. In nearly September 2012 a tragic veld fire blazed through Sondela and the surrounding areas, burning down 60 chalets. Sondela used the rebuild of the 60 chalets as an opportunity to make the nature reserve more sustainable and greener.

Facts & Figures
Each of the 4-star, 6 sleeper chalets required 300L of water to be heated to 58 – 60°C per day. 60 Solahart 302J were installed.

Sondela needed a solar water heating solution that would require little maintenance, reduce the resorts high electricity consumption and reduce its carbon footprint.

The solution called for 60 Solahart 302J systems to be installed (by Solar Perfection) at the resort, one system on each of the chalets. To make the systems look more aesthetically pleasing the tanks were covered with a Jasper Colourbond skin that matches the roof. Sondela is now experiencing savings of up to 87% on hot water heating costs per month. The nett result of the saving is that their maintenance cost are lower, the risk of damages caused by burst geysers is gone and their carbon footprint is reduced.

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