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Smit Residence

Client had a 5 Kva Hybrid solar system installed with 8 x 105 Ah Lead Acid Batteries in 2016. Batteries Reach their life cycle and had to be changed.

Johan looked into the Sirius Supercapacitor Modules.
And replaced the Inverter system with a Victron Multiplus 5kva with Mppt and one 3.55 Kwh Sirius Supercap to test. Victron Remote Monitoring was also implemented and system can be monitored from everywhere in the world.

After 1 Month Johan ordered his second 3.55 Kwh Block and has been a highly satisfied client. He works in Angola and cannot afford his home to be workout power for security reason . He’s wife Hannelie can now rest assured that their security system stays online in blackouts.

The System was installed June 2018 .

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