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Client: Pecan Nut Farm Vaalwater, Limpopo

Lower Cost of Electricity for Compound and reduce 75 Kw Pump consumption

Alpha Energy was Designed and Implemented a 108 Kw Grid tie Solar system.

What is a Grid Tie System?
DC power generated from the PV modules is converted from a fluctuating DC voltage to 220V/380V grid connected power. Grid systems do not store energy and thus do not have backup. If grid failure occurs no power will be produced from the system. Grid systems are easy to monitor and measure performance as there are no storage losses. Grid inverters are very efficient and very few losses will occur in high quality grid systems.

The system allows the client to reduce consumption from the utility by over 80 Percent as consumption is mostly in daylight hours
Backup Diesel generators supplies power should Utility power not be available,
The Grid tie system will produce energy after the generator starts up and reduce diesel cost by up to 70 percent in daytime consumption

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