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Pecan Nut Farm Vaalwater, Limpopo

Power Required to Irrigate 16 000 Pecan Nut Trees

Alpha Energy was consulted for a solution for client to be able to irrigate 16 000 Pecan nut Trees with solar power only.
The Client requested that the solar array be installed on the holding dam for theft so we designed a floating structure by using all locally sourced material.
150 x 375-Watt Mono Crystalline Solar panels was used to drive a 37 Kw submersible pump to help with sprinkler irrigation on the farm. The Solar panels are connected to a Solar Variable Speed Drive allowing Slower startup current required and more efficient us of the Electric Pump.
The solar VFD has been developed and manufactured by Invertek for use in pumping applications that are generally isolated from the commercial grid by using PV arrays, such as watering, irrigation, agriculture, swimming pools, water treatment works and water supplies.
Our Solution allows the client to save on energy and keep the pumps running if the sun is shining. Should weather not allow for solar the system can run on Ac or Generator
The energy produced is clean and even on cloudy days the VFD and pump can work, ensuring a constant supply of water.
Another happy client which an Alpha Energy “Independence Day System”

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