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Engen Warmbad

Client: Engen Bela-Bela
Requirement: Bill Reduction & Loadshedding backup
Alpha Energy Conducted and Energy Audit and Designed a Hybrid solution with 90 x 370 Watt Solar Panels ,45 Kva inverters & 44Kwh Supercapacitor Storage to reduce Daytime Consumption and Saving the Client over 100 Kwh per day.
Our Solution included Variable speed drives for the Cool room and Compressor saving the client and extra 45 Kwh per Day.
Our in-depth audit approach also found a Faulty Ice Cream Fridge which consumed over 5 Kw per hour which has been replaced by a more efficient fridge.
Our Solution allows the client to save on energy and keep the pumps running through load shedding where previously the generator was used leading to high diesel bills and slow changeover time.
The generator is only used if weather does not allow for charging of Supercap Batteries by the sun.
Another happy client which an Alpha Energy Hybrid Solution.

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